Andrew Daniel Paolucci

Andrew is an energetic troubleshooter/implementer. He is detail oriented and has a firm grasp of a large variety of technical subjects. Andrew has a great ability to gather and communicate required information and follow through with a problem until resolved. In the past he has specialized in localized system implementation situations for a medium sized software company with locations across North America and Asia. His primary focus in the past has been the implementation of Linux based systems on remote cloud platforms, as well as the maintenance of Windows based clients and servers. More recently Andrew has been focused on the development of tools and procedures for scaling web based applications rapidly with little to no human intervention, along with migration from closed source systems such as .NET on a Windows based hosts to FOSS alternatives. Along with the development of his skills within a working environment Andrew actively expands his FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) based skills within the open source communities by providing support for several non-profit organizations and political parties. He is also actively engaged in developing peer to peer decentralized core infrastructure services to build next generation backbone infrastructure.

Email: [email protected]


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